Tie-Dye Experiments Take 2

I decided to a set of place mats in my kitchen sink which I won’t really recommend because your mileage may vary – the dye washed out of my stainless steel sink with some scrubbing, but I’m not sure I’d want to try it with a darker color.

I dyed four pieces, two in the spiral design and two in the accordion fold. I also threw in a t-shirt I had lying around, also in the spiral design (haven’t photographed it yet, but it didn’t quite come out like I hoped).  I left the rubber bands on while rinsing, and then immediately washed them in Synthrapol. After line drying for a day, I washed in Retayne too, just in case. No color bled at all with the Retayne bath, so I’m pretty confident in the color fastness at this point.

Here they are in their line-drying glory (not pictured: the 4th one or the t-shirt, because I was wearing it).

tie-dyed muslin place mats
That sky! I couldn’t have asked for a better day for some laundry hanging.