Pantograph Quilting

Pantographs are all-over designs that I sew by following a pattern with a laser light. There are a huge variety of designs out there – from basic meanders to flames to flowers to bugs. The cost varies by difficulty – some pantographs are very easy to follow, and some are much more time consuming and/or labor intensive.

  • Basic pantographs: $0.018/square inch
  • Medium pantographs: $0.021/square inch
  • Dense pantographs: $0.024/square inch
  • Minimum charge of $45


Custom Quilting

  • Basic meanders start at $0.03/square inch
  • Ditch work starts at $0.05/square inch
  • Ruler work starts at $0.06/square inch
  • Micro quilting starts at $0.08/square inch
  • Minimum charge of $55


The Math

To figure out the price of quilting your quilt, measure the length and width in inches and multiply them, then multiply that number by the quilting price.

For example, here is a 60 inch x 45 inch quilt with a basic pantograph:

60″ x 45″ = 2700″ x $0.018 = $48.60



  • Warm and White Batting: $11/yard or $0.0034 per square inch
  • Hobbs 80/20 Blend (off-white): $10/yard or $0.0032 per square inch.
I sell batting by the actual size used (the quilt top plus about 3 inches on each side). This way you only pay for what you use on your quilt top, instead of that extra 20 inches or so at the bottom, and I have pieces I can put together for use in Comfort quilts.



  • Half binds (machine sewn): $0.12/square inch.
  • Full binds (machine sewn on front, hand sewn on back): $0.30/square inch
Binding calculation: length + width x 2 x price

For example:

60″ (length) + 40″ (width) = 100 x 2 = 200 x 0.12 = $24 for a half bind


Other Services

To piece backs: $10.00
To square up fabrics: $5.00
Ironing out excessive wrinkles: $10.00


Before taking your quilt to any longarmer, I would recommend pressing the top well, squaring the backing fabric and also trimming any loose threads on the back side of the top, particularly if the quilt has any white fabrics – those threads will show through!