Feather Practice

Feathered blocks

I loaded a practice piece onto my longarm and quilted three feathered blocks before I left for Quilt Festival. The block design is from Deborah Poole’s book called “You Can Quilt It!” I used rulers for the cross hatching and the channels where the pebbles are and the rest is free hand. Even with a ruler those cross hatches are hard to keep straight, although I think part of my issue is that I’m using an oval ruler with the middle cut out so it’s difficult to hold.

When I got back I did one more block in that design to finish the row and then added two more rows with different designs that I learned from Festival. It was nice to be back on my own longarm, although I realized I had it way too high when my hands went numb so I spent an hour lowering and leveling it.

I used a template for the heart and then free motioned the feathers and stippling:

Feathered heart; design learned in Irena Bluhm’s class

I used a ruler to quilt the spines for this block and free motioned the feathers:

Feathered block; design learned in Jamie Wallen’s Mystical Feathers class

I love this one! I marked both an X and lines vertically and horizontally through the middle. Then I started in the middle with one of the teardrops and quilted from there.

Feathered square; design learned in Irena Bluhm’s class

I used cotton batting for this sample quilt, but I’ve since purchased a roll of 80/20 that I think will show off the feathers better and not look so flat. Several of the quilters I took classes from swear by wool, even in Houston’s climate, but I’m not ready to buy a roll of that yet. I do have a queen sized piece that I plan on using for a couple small quilts and I’m curious to see how differently it quilts up.